Zdas v14
Sample Zdas v14 Screenshot of main screen



1. For ease of high speed scanning of data, suspect values are colour coded Red 

(Other companies’ daq units do not highlight bad data)

2. Instrument values are displayed in human sensible units appropriate for the device (ie RadAlt is displayed in feet)

(Other companies’ daq units display as raw volts only)

3. All the main data values that need to be verified are displayed on the ONE auto updating main page.

(Other companies’ daq units often make you have to flip between pages to check individually the Mag / Spec / GPS…)

4. Both the Nav and daq software are coded in the one unit for optimal operation, weight, power and to reduce components

(If separate devices it can cause pilot confusion and / or data processing issues)

5. Direct pilot notification on navigation screen of major data acquisition issues (like Spec readings stopped)

(Other companies’ nav screens show no indication of data issues and it may not be until the post flight processing that issues can be identified)

6. Proven 24/7 support for your crew

(Call us anytime to get assistance)

 7. Easy configuration screen – changing devices is easy

(Other companies can have long, complicated and hard to verify methods to add new equipment to the daq)

8. Quickly Customisable

(Other companies often will only release desired software changes after long delays (3-4 months) )

9 We Listen AND Act.

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