RockStar Handheld Tracker + Messenger

The RockSTAR two-way messenger and tracking system is a portable handheld unit that allows communication and location from anywhere in the world with a clear view of the sky, using the Iridium satellite network.

Log positional data, with a configurable interval between 5 seconds to every 12 hours, and visualise it with an easy-to-use web-based viewer or transfer it via USB.

The unit can also send short messages such as SMS, email and social media updates using a paired Bluetooth Device.

The unit is powered by an internal battery which can be recharged over USB, and lasts up to 12 months before needing charging logging positional data every day, and 3 weeks without recharging if logging positional data every 15 minutes.

Additionally, there are also a variety of alert options which can be configured.

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