Radiation Solutions RS-500/RS-501 with RSX-4/RSX-5 Airborne Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Unique Features

  • Industry leading technology and performance
  • 1024 channel resolution
  • Individual crystal ADC and processing
  • No distortion as each crystal output is fully linearised permitting multi-crystal summing without distortion
  • Effectively no signal degradation
  • No radioactive test sources required for system setup or system performance validation
  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • High level of self diagnostics
  • World wide usability, fully multi-peak automatic gain stabilisation on natural isotopes
  • Easy system integration into users data systems
  • Data compression – individual crystal spectral data storage can be achieved with no effective increase in data volume
  • Extremely wide dynamic range 250,000 cps for each crystal providing >20x improvement on signal throughput compared to older systems
  • Fully multi-peak automatic gain stabilisation on natural isotopes for world wide use


Channels 1024
Differential nonlinearity < 0.2% over top 99.5%
Integral nonlinearity < 0.01% over top 99.5%
Zero dead time1
Baseline restoration Digital (IPBR)2
Pulse shaping Digital (AOPS)3
Pile-up rejection Digital(<40nS)
Pile-up contamination < 1% @ 250Kcps
Sample rate 0.1-10 sec-1
Timing Internal/External
Gain stabilisation Automatic multi-peak
I/O Ethernet
RS-232 19200-115200 bit/s
USB memory stick
Composite spectrum
Individual spectra
State of health
Detector configuration
Operational parameters
Trigger Signal
Calibration data
RSX-4 4L Nal(TI)
RSX-5 0.4L Nal(TI)
Energy resolution <8.5%4
9-40 VDC, 50W
9-40 VDC, 55W
91 kg
114 kg
690 mm x 573mm x 177mm5
690 mm x 573mm x 288mm5
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +45°C


  1. The RS-500 has no dead time in a traditional sense. A live time clock will be adjusted for loss of system measured pile-up rejections to give an apparent dead time to ensure the absolute count rate is correct.
  2. IPBR – Individual Pulse Baseline Restoration. The baseline is established for each individual pulse for maximum pulse height accuracy.
  3. AOPS – Automatic Optimised Pulse Shaping. Pulses are continuously analysed and the signal pulse shaping adjusted for optimum performance.
  4. Stated energy resolution is for new systems. Refurbished system performance depends on quality of Xtals supplied.
  5. The dimension includes removable mounting rails

Product Brochure
Product Brochure