Radiation Solutions RS-111 Handy-SCINT Handheld Radiation Detector

RS-111 Small, light and compact

The RS-111 HANDY SCINT is a compact hand held radiation detector specially designed to quickly determine the location of radioactive materials. The unit is easy-to-use and is very suitable for rapid SERACH and LOCATE detection of gamma ray emitting radioactive sources in suspect vehicles or materials. The small size and light weight of the RS-111 together with the balanced handle and single thumb button, allows easy one handed operation. the single ON/OFF button also allows easy setup of a limited number of working parameters.

The RS-111 features a large numeric LCD display showing, actual counts per second (cps) or (optionally) Dose Rate (based on equivalence to Cs 137). For eyes free operation the unit has a loud variable audio pitch tone, proportional to the intensity of the gamma radiation detected. The threshold for audio indication is adjustable manually or automatically to compensate for local background interference. The audio indication an be switched off if required.

For working in potentially dangerous situations, a maximum allowed dose rate or cps rate can be set. If the dose rate or cps rises above this level it triggers an automatic acoustic alarm warning for user protection.

Features Include:

    • Good sensitivity with 1.3cu ins Nal/TI crystal
    • LCD Display maximum 19999 cps
    • Loud audio output for eyes-free searching
    • Display updates at 1/sec
    • Audio sampling rate = 4/sec for fast response
    • Adjustable audio threshold
    • Automatic warning of high does rate
    • Plastic protection boot
    • Splashing water and dust resistant (IP66)
    • Lightweight and well balanced 2.4 lbs (~1.09kg)
    • Fully automatic charger integrated in unit
    • Supplied in aluminium suitcase with moulded insert

Product Brochure
Product Brochure