Geometrics MagArrow Caesium “Cs” Magnetometer for UAV

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
    • Weighs only 1 kg, allowing longer flight times than classic 2.5 kg UAV sensors
  • UAV agnostic
    • Attachment system is easily configurable, use your existing enterprise UAV
  • Self-contained
    • GPS, storage, and WiFi on board, no cabled data connections to UAV needed
  • Super-fast sampling rate
    • Fly faster, up to 10 m/s with samples every 1cm. Filter out UAV motor noise
  • QC in the field
    • View and QC data in the field using any device with a web browser app interface
  • Long battery life
    • 2 hours of battery life. Hot swappable batteries


Operating Principle: Laser pumped cesium vapour (Cs133 non-radioactive) total field scalar magnetometer.

Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT. GradientTolerance: 10,000nT/m.

Operating Zones: Configured for operation anywhere in the world without dead zones.

Dead Zone: None.

Noise/Sensitivity: 0.005nT/√Hzrms typical.

Sample Rate: 1000 Hz. synchronised to GPS 1PPS.

Bandwidth: 400Hz.

Heading Error: ± 5 nT over entire 360° equatorial and polar spins typical.

Output: WiFi data download over 2.4GHz WiFi access point.

USBPort: Port for USB flash drive. Used for field upgrades.

Data Logger: Built in Data Logger.

Data Storage: 32 Gbyte Micro SD card, U3 speed class. Not field-accessible. Contact sales for higher capacities.

DataDownload: Over WiFi 2.4GHz using user-supplied browser-capable device. 10 minutes of data requires 1 minute to download.

IMU:  Bosch BMI160 Accel/Gyro – 200Hz sample rate.

Insentek Compass – 100 Hz sample rate.

Total Weight: 1kg without batteries.

Length: 1m.


Battery Connection: 2x XT60 connectors for 206 type batteries. Battery Recommendations: Non-magnetic 1800 mAh or 2200 mAh lithium polymer, 3cell, 11.1v. Hot swappable.


OperatingTemperature: -10°C to +40°C.

Altitude: Performance guaranteed up to 3,000m. Typically limited by UAS maximum altitude. Contact Sales for higher altitude operation.

Humidity: Non-condensing.


Standard: Carrying case, AC power adapter and USB drive containing operation manual and software.

Warranty: 1 year.


Product Specifications

Product Specifications