KT-20 3F-32 Large Diameter Sensor

The KT‐20 is a portable field instrument that is used to measure the magnetic susceptibility and/or conductivity of a geological sample or core. With the introduction of the 3F‐32 large diameter sensor, the KT‐20’s application base has been expanded for shallow applications as researchers can now measure the earth’s subsurface (approximately one foot deep). Applications for the 3F‐32 sensor include agriculture, archaeology, and environmental investigations.

The 3F‐32 sensor has a 32 cm diameter and features three frequencies that have been carefully selected to provide certain benefits for magnetic susceptibility and conductivity measurements. The three frequencies also enable the 3F‐32 sensor to provide sounding capabilities in favourable soil conditions. The 3F‐32 sensor is equipped with a telescopic pole and arm support enabling users to easily and comfortably take measurements while standing or walking.

The KT‐20 with 3F‐32 sensor is an ideal instrument for field research. It can take a single measurement at a specific location, or continuously collect data to map an entire area. A GPS receiver is integrated into the KT‐20 console to provide location coordinates with the data. It also has a built‐in high resolution digital camera to visually document any sample of interest. In addition, data from the KT‐20 can be exported into third‐party mapping software programs.


Calibration and Reference Pads


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