KT-10H Magnetic Susceptibility Meter


The KT-10H is a highly accurate magnetic susceptibility meter, featuring a greatly improved sensitivity from previous models, as well as Bluetooth capability to easily transfer and store readings integrated with GPS coordinates.

The KT-10H is also compatible with the included multi-platform GeoView software which allows for rapid organisation, processing and visualisation of recorded data.

KT-10H Benefits

High Sensitivity

The KT-10H is one order of magnitude more sensitive than it’s predecessor, with a maximum sensitivity of 1 x 10-7 SI units on smooth surfaces, and a 3318m2 total sensor measurement area.

Fast and Accurate Scanning

The KT-10H scans 20 readings per second and store 4 averaged readings during the same period.

Better Sample Measurements

The KT-10H can be used with an included pin for taking more accurate susceptibility measurements from rough surfaces, or without, when you can establish direct contact with the sample.

Additional Benefits

Large Memory

The KT-10H can store a total of 3,000 records, including average readings and standard deviation, as well as 60 seconds of voice recordings for each specific reading, in non-volatile memory.

Low Power Consumption

The KT-10H standard configuration, with two Alkaline AA size cell batteries allows the operator to take up to 4,000 readings when the optional voice recorder is not being used.

Variable Audio Capability

The KT-10H speaker allows the user to monitor the variations in the magnetic susceptibility measurements with a variable audio sound while in Scan mode. The voice recorder also allows for the recording and replaying of voice messages through the instrument’s speaker.


The KT-10/KT-10R v2 are factory calibrated; however, the end user can re-calibrate the meters by using the optional Magnetic Susceptibility Calibration pad. A sample with known magnetic susceptibility values can also be used.

Flexible PC Interface

The KT-10H includes GeoView, a multi-platform software which allows the user to download and visualize the recorded data. GeoView can also play back the voice notes stored along side the readings, change the KT-10H’s settings, transfer the data to a spreadsheet and view or export GPS paths into a Google Earth compatible format.

Bluetooth and USB Connectivity

The KT-10H comes standard with both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Bluetooth capabilities allow users to download the meter’s data wirelessly and/or connect to a Bluetooth enabled GPS unit to store GPS coordinates along with the readings.

USB communication is also available for transferring measurements and voice comments from the meter to a PC, as well as firmware upgrades and parameter settings.

Large LCD Display

The KT-10H is equipped with a high contrast LCD display which serves as the interface for operating the instrument. The LCD also displays the magnetic susceptibility measurements, icons and graphical menus which are used to interactively navigate the KT-10H’s different functions.

Rugged and Reliable

The KT-10H meets IP65 standards and is therefore protected against dust, rain, or conditions with high humidity

Smaller and Easy to Use

The KT-10H’s smaller size and ergonomic design make it easy to use and carry. Interactive menus facilitate its operation.

GeoView PC Interface Software

Data Management

GeoView is a multi-platform software that allows users to organize their KT-10H data by date and serial number. It also facilitates the transfer of data from the KT-10H to a personal database for further correlation and interpretation. GeoView is compatible with Windows 32 or 64 bit operating systems.

As presented below, averaged readings are grouped together with records (containing date, time, value, voice notes and optional GPS positions) in one convenient location. Users can also add new column headers to enter additional information specific to the data collection.

Data Visualisation

A numerical display allows users to quickly review the field data, while a graphical display aids in the interpretation of scanner data.

As shown below, the scanned data is displayed in a graphical mode. The use of markers can assist operators to orient the readings to a physical location.

KT-10H Options

KT-10H Plus Iron Ore Concentration Measurement Estimates

The KT-10H is upgradable to a KT-10H Plus for measuring iron ore samples and core up to 10 SI units. With this extended range and pre-installed calibration curve, it is possible to obtain the concentration estimate of iron ore directly from the KT-10H Plus. If the samples and cores you are working with have a different composition or structure than those used to set up the calibration curve included in your KT-10H Plus, you can program yourself up to 2 calibration curves which are specific to the samples and cores you are measuring.


Sensitivity:                    1×10-7 SI Units
Measurement range:  0.001×10-3 to 1999.99 x10-3 SI Units Auto-Ranging
Operating frequency:    10 kHz
Measurement frequency:  20 times per second (in Scan mode, 5 readings averaged together and 4 readings /second stored)
Display:  High Contrast LCD Graphic Display
Memory: Up to 3000 measurements or 2000 measurements with one minute of comments per reading
Control:  1 button with up / down function & pin for rough surfaces
Data Input/Output:  USB, Bluetooth with GPS link via Bluetooth
Power Supply:  2 AA Alkaline Batteries or 2 optional AA Rechargeable Batteries
Battery life:  Up to 4000 readings without voice recorder
Operating temperature:  -20 °C to 60 °C
Dimensions:  200 x 57 x 30 mm
Coil Diameter:  65 mm with a 45 degree angle
Weight:  0.3 kg

Product Brochure

Product Brochure

KT-10 Model Comparison Chart

KT-10 Model Comparison Chart