Geometrics G-864AP Caesium Magnetometer Walkmag

Professional Caesium Magnetic Field Mapping System

Features & Benefits

AndroidTM Acquisition Software: Utilises a modified Android tablet, the Getac ZX70, which incorporates a navigational display and allows users to visualise their collected data as a colour map. Modern user interface allows for WiFi communication and unlimited expansion of features.

GPS Navigation: No Staking! Define survey geometry beforehand to limit field time.

In-Field Data Review: Plot GPS positions, analyse profiles, and create a colour contour map before leaving the field.

Large Arrays: Log up to 4 magnetometers at a time and cover more area, faster.

Data Redundancy: Avoid data loss.



Operating Principle: Self-oscillating split-beam Cesium Vapour (non-radioactive).

Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT.

Operating Zones: The earth’s field vector should be at an angle greater than 10° from the sensor’s equator and greater than 10° from the sensor’s long axis. Automatic hemisphere switching.

Noise: < 0.004 nT√Hzrms. (SX (export) version: 0.02 nT/Hzrms).

Max Sample Rate: 10 Hz.

Heading Error: 0.15 nT over entire 360° equatorial and polar spins.

Gradient Tolerance: 20,000nT/m.

Temperature Drift: 0.05nT/°C.

Power: 24 to 35 VDC, 15 – 30W to start and 20 to 35 VDC, 15W to run.

Data Logger: Getac ZX70 Android tablet, or user provided Android device.

Data Storage: 1 GB USB drive, 16GB on tablet.

DataFormat: ASCII, MS Windows PC compatible micro-seismic or earthquake studies.


LBackpack: 4.3kg.

Storage Temperature: -45° C to +70° C.

Operating Temperature: -35 C to +50° C.

Cable Length: User selectable cable lengths of 0.9, 2.7, 4 m.

Electronics Module Dimensions: DIA: 7 cm; L: 38.7 cm; Weight: .91 kg.

Sensor Dimensions: DIA: 7 cm; L: 17.2 cm; Weight: .82 kg with cable.

Altitude: Up to 9,000m.

Weatherproof: O-Ring sealed for operation in the rain and/or 100% humidity, Tablet: IP67 rated.

Shock: Survives a 3ft drop onto a hard surface.

Warranty: 2 year on sensor, 3 year on GetacZX70 tablet.

Power: 24 to 35 VDC, 15 – 30W to start and 20 to 35 VDC, 15W to run.

Battery: Lead acid or Li-Po options available.

Standard Accessories: Shipping/storage case, Power Data Cable, DC/Data Junction Box, MagMap, MagPick, and CsAz software.

Product Brochure
Product Brochure