Geometrics G-862RBS Caesium Magnetometer Base Station

Features & Benefits

Excellent Performance – High sensitivity cesium vapour magnetometer with the CM-221 internal counter providing 0.004nT/ √Hzrms performance. Ensures that ambient field is recorded with precision.

Bluetooth Monitoring Capability – View the data from afar using any Android Device and Geometrics’ MagMonitor Application.

Extensive Data Storage – One Gigabyte USB drive allows up to 21 days of continuous recording at 10Hz.

Status Lights – Perform QC checks by simply viewing flashing lights on data logger display.

Weatherproof – O-ring sealed for use in 100% humidity.

Easy To Use – Put the entire system together in minutes while in the field. Flip a switch and you’re recording!



Self-oscillating split-beam Cesium Vapor (non-radioactive).

Magnetometer Operating Range: 20,000 to 100,000 nT.

Operating Zones: The earth’s field vector should be at an angle greater than 10° from the sensor’s equator and greater than 10° from the sensor’s long axis. Automatic hemisphere switching.

Noise: < 0.004 nT/√Hzrms. (SX (export) version: 0.02 nT/ Hzrms).

GPS Receiver: Time accuracy: 20ns, RMS, max. data rate; 1Hz.

Data Logger: Serial logger, removable military grade USB memory stick or Android device.

Data Format: ASCII, MS Windows PC compatible, FAT16 file format.

Capacity: 21 days using 1Gb USB memory stick while recording at 10Hz rate with GPS receiver output set to provide GPRMC data sentence.

Monitor the Base Station data as it records using Geomentrics’ MagMonitor application on any Android device.

Storage Temperature: -45°C to +70°C.

Operating Temperature: -35°C to +50°C

Cable Length: 0.9 m.

Electronics Module Dimensions: DIA: 7 cm; L: 38.7 cm; Weight: .91 kg (15.25 x 2.75 in; 2 lbs.)

SensorDimensions: DIA: 7cm; L: 17.2cm; Weight: .82 kg with cable.

Altitude: Up to 9,000 m.

Weatherproof: O-Ring sealed for operation in the rain and/or 100% humidity.

Power: 10 to 36 VDC, 30Watt. or 110-220 VAC (50-60hz).

Standard Accessories: 110-220 VAC (50-60hz) power supply, Flash card reader, shipping/storage case, Geometrics MagMapTM data processing and display software.

Record of magnetic field variation measured with G-862RBS at 10Hz rate.


Product Brochure
Product Brochure