Geometrics G-858 Caesium “Cs” Magnetometer MagMapper Walkmag


The G-858 MagMapper is a high-performance cesium magnetometer comprised of a belt-mounted console connected to a cesium sensor on a handheld counterbalanced staff.


  • High sensitivity (0.01 nT) and sample speed (10 samples/second)
  • Can also be used with a non-magnetic cart for target search
  • Dual sensor gradiometer operation option.
  • Records data with its own XY or Lat/Long UTM coordinate locations.
  • MagMap2000 integration. Unit is supplied with MagMap2000.
  • Diurnal correction, data plotting, high/low pass filtering, spike editing and contour map generation through MagMap.
  • Powered by two rechargeable 24-32 VDC battery packs, lasting 8 hours for single sensor operation per pack or 3-4 hours for gradiometer operation with GPS per pack.
  • More features as outlined in the product brochure below.

Product Brochure

Product Brochure