D230A UAV Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

The D230A is a modular gamma-ray spectrometer designed specifically for UAVs. The system allows operators to simultaneously measure the dose rate, total intensity of gamma radiation, and intensity of the energy windows corresponding to potassium, uranium, thorium, plus a wide range of manmade radionuclides.

The standard D230A system utilizes two fully independent 1024 channel gamma-ray spectrometers, each with it own detector, and a lightweight data acquisition and control unit. Spectra of both detectors are accumulated and saved separately, with a sampling rate of one second. Both detectors contribute an integrated spectrum during monitoring activities, including dose rate.



  • Allows operators to complete surveys more efficiently than comparable ground instruments without the increased cost of large airborne systems
  • Systems available with one to four BGO or NaI/Tl detectors to accommodate a variety of applications and UAV payloads
  • Ability o directly identify naturally occurring and man-made radionuclides with the Nuclide Identification feature
  • Optional telematic module for real-time wireless transmission of data
  • No radioactive sources required for operation
  • Easily mounted to commercially available drones with adequate lift power



Mineral Exploration

Radiometrics can be used to detect and delineate mineral deposits directly (uranium) or indirectly by association (rare earth elements, gold, copper, etc.) via thorium or potassium alterations

Oil and Gas Exploration

Radiation anomalies exist above most oil and gas reservoirs in the form of radiation “halos” surrounding salt domes. These anomalies can be detected through radiometric surveys for oil and gas exploration.


Radiometrics can be used in environmental investigations to identify the presence of radioactive material, measure radiation levels (including dose rate), and make assessments of its impact. Examples include the monitoring of uranium tailing ponds, decommissioning of nuclear factories and uranium mines, and health physics


Manufacturers use radioisotopes as tracers to monitor and inspect the integrity of industrial processes, from leak detection to the corrosion of process equipment. Small concentrations of short-lived isotopes can be detected wit the use of radiometrics.


Operating Details

Detector Options

The number of detectors included in the D230A system can be reduced to one to minimise the system’s weight or increased to three or four to improve its sensitivity. Each detector is 51mm x 51mm with a volume of 104 cm2 and is available in either Bismuth Germanate Oxide (BGO) or Sodium Iodide (NaI/Tl) configurations.

BGO detectors offer 3x greater sensitivty and are ideal for mineral exploration. NaI/Tl detectors are more lightweight and offer improved spectral resolution.

Each detector uses its own fully independent 1024 channel gamma-ray spectrometer. Spectra are accumualted and saved separately on a per detector basis and contribute towards an integrated spectrum.

Automatic Gain Stabilisation

The D230A uses and advanced method of automatic gain stabilization using natural background radiation. This unique stabilization method eliminates the need for an additional radioactive check source

Telemetric Module and Data Storage

The optional telemetric module allows for real-time transmission of data including spectra, dose rate elevation, atmospheric pressure and GPS position. The D230A also records data onto an internal 32GB SD card with a standard storage capacity of 40,000 full spectra samples. The memory size is upgradeable to record additional records.

Power and Operation

The D230A electronics are powered from a small Li-Ion battery. A fully charged battery holds for up to 4 hours of operation and can be quikly replaced. A single button is used to both turn the system on and off, as well as to start and stop the measurements. For ease of use, total coounts, spectra, nuclide identification, and dose rate are automatically captured using the same measurement mode.

UAV Integration

The housing is made from thin aluminium, and includes four hoisting points on its upper side to couple the system to a UAV, the D230A is delivered with an external GPS module with a precision of 2m.

MapView Software

MapView is an easy-to-use data management software that facilitates online communication between a PC or laptop and the D230A UAV spectrometer.

It enables the setup of the system’s operating parameters, data logging, and the export of data for use with the user’s preferred visualisation software.

When combined with the optional telemetric module, MapView also displays real-time spectra, dose rate, elevation, atmospheric pressure, and GPS position recorded by the system.

D230A Contents

D230A Standard System Includes:

[1] D230A Console with:

    • BGO or NaI/Tl detector(s)
[1] GPS Module

[2] Rechargable Li-Ion Batteries with Charger

[1] USB Cable

[1] MapView Software for Data Management

[1] Operations Manual

[1] Rugged Transportation Case

Optional Telemetric Module Includes:

[1] Radio Modem with Removeable Base

[2] Antennas with [1] 1m Antenna Extension Cable

[1] USB Cable

Product Specifications

Product Brochure