GeoRESULTS Pty Ltd, based in Perth Western Australia, offers a range of technical and logistical support services to the airborne geophysics industry worldwide. In partnership with other providers, our goal is to deliver full survey solutions from planning, data acquisition to data processing. GeoRESULTS already has many clients from both around Australia and internationally.

GeoRESULTS took over the very successful Geoz Pty Ltd business (formed in 2006) from Zoltan Beldi with no interruption of service or warranty to it’s clients.  GeoRESULTS’s owner, Peter McMullen, is very well respected in the airborne geophysical industry (and ASEG member) who has approx 20 years experience in the installation, support, design and repair of geophysical equipment.

GeoRESULTS regularly partners with established aviation providers, experienced field personnel and data processing houses to deliver cost-effective survey support and post processing at highly competitive rates.